We visited the J.Guillem headquarters, and we where impressed!

Last Monday we visited the office of this Dutch (with some Spanish sunshine) titanium-bike brand. The feeling of falling in love with a bike all over again everytime you see her is something rare, that should be treasured.

J.Guillem Atalaya

J.Guillem Atalaya

This time we did not only get to see the bikes but also went out for a good spin. Dutch mountains where pretty high the past few days, but that was a good thing. We could not get that smile of our faces even if the wind wanted to blow us all the way home to Flanders the whole time.

We can once again confirm that Titanium is THE frame-material for those who understand bikes and want to take the time to really get the feel of getting back what you payed for, not only in the incredible beauty of the bike, but most of all in the feeling you get from it when you push the cranks forward. Ti reacts in its very own language, both to your pedal power as to the rhythm of the terrain you sent it on.

In a way one could say it is more refined then steel, but making the comparison makes me feel like cursing in the church. Which might in fact be a good thing, because cursing is the only way to make some people really understand your point.

The unique thing about the J.Giullem bikes is that Jan uses die-casted parts on his frames which make them way stiffer then whatever Ti bike I ever had a spin on. This extra process in the frame building does not only lead to the most beautiful details we had ever seen on a Ti bike, it also gives some very special touch to the typical ride feel. It is as of the feeling of lateral stiffness and flex you had the first time you jumped on a Ti bike has been re-invented in a very good way.


Conclusion of the day:

Titanium is steel for grown up boys!