New Kona 2020: The Libre AL.

Live from Serfaus, Austria we are stoked to announce the birth of the newest kid in the Kona adventure family: the Libre AL.


After introducing the carbon model last year we took the change to test and feel the bike during the past 12 months, and it brought us nothing but smiles.

The price-point for some people might have been a barrier to be able to enjoy this capable whip. We hope with this new alu 1899eur version it does not have to be anymore.


This bike show us how good Kona understand bikes, it is wonderful to see how a bike company is able to attract the right people for over 30 years to provide us with bikes full of character and joy.


Don’t let yourself fool by the framesize! 46, 49, 51, 54 and 55 might not be the right numbers to base your choice of size on. The toptube lenght is! Note that the steering feels very natural with a relatively short stem. A size 54, for instance, has a 58.8tt and will fit riders from 178cm upto 185cm. Please get in touch with us before ordering if you have any doubts about size! (


The standard 1x11 apex drivetrain with TRP brakes works just fine for a lot of people out there, but the possibilities of this frameset are going much further than that!

The high-end aluminium frameset and full carbon fork are screaming for some dedicated custom builds, aren’t they?

From a 27.5 monster-x (up to 55mm on 27.5), over a 32mm 700c road+ fast bike-packer or a typical gravel-grinder with 45mm rubber.

This frame will give you confidence and speed. The handling is great and the looks are stunning!

Ready for pre-orders REALLY SOON. We expect the first bikes to drop in the end of July.

(International customers: take your chance to get your hands on this EU-available only product. Contact us to work out your personal build: we will ship it to your doorstep!)

We visited the J.Guillem headquarters, and we where impressed!

Last Monday we visited the office of this Dutch (with some Spanish sunshine) titanium-bike brand. The feeling of falling in love with a bike all over again everytime you see her is something rare, that should be treasured.

J.Guillem Atalaya

J.Guillem Atalaya

This time we did not only get to see the bikes but also went out for a good spin. Dutch mountains where pretty high the past few days, but that was a good thing. We could not get that smile of our faces even if the wind wanted to blow us all the way home to Flanders the whole time.

We can once again confirm that Titanium is THE frame-material for those who understand bikes and want to take the time to really get the feel of getting back what you payed for, not only in the incredible beauty of the bike, but most of all in the feeling you get from it when you push the cranks forward. Ti reacts in its very own language, both to your pedal power as to the rhythm of the terrain you sent it on.

In a way one could say it is more refined then steel, but making the comparison makes me feel like cursing in the church. Which might in fact be a good thing, because cursing is the only way to make some people really understand your point.

The unique thing about the J.Giullem bikes is that Jan uses die-casted parts on his frames which make them way stiffer then whatever Ti bike I ever had a spin on. This extra process in the frame building does not only lead to the most beautiful details we had ever seen on a Ti bike, it also gives some very special touch to the typical ride feel. It is as of the feeling of lateral stiffness and flex you had the first time you jumped on a Ti bike has been re-invented in a very good way.


Conclusion of the day:

Titanium is steel for grown up boys!

2019 Kona Bicycle Co. RED/R Tourstop at Steershop

It almost is that time of the year again!

The days are getting longer, and sun is shining brighter. This means the Kona RED-R tour is coming our sides again.

After starting the day with a full breakfast, you can expect a fun time with loads of laughs and riding. We are riding a +-100K group-ride with as much offroad segments as possible. From dirt-roads over singletracks to cobble segments and a finish along the canal towards the epic final sprint finish-line.

All of this riding is blended with the needed booze and snacks during one of the few stops.

Gather some good souls to come over and enjoy the day with us!

See you then!


Kona RED/R tour 2019 - Steershop

Kona RED/R tour 2019 - Steershop

A sneak peek on the 2019 Kona line up by Steershop

What an exciting time of the year. When the sun shines and most of the bike-industry is launching their so-called '2019 line'. New groupsets, new tires, new clothing lines and of course NEW BIKES.

Non drive-side pictures are hot (photo: Tom J)

Non drive-side pictures are hot (photo: Tom J)

After being away from Eurobike for quite a few years Kona decided to be back in the circus and celebrate their 30th anniversary. And how they did it!

The boot was a sort of a wooden barn with a big table in the middle and bikes all around. No fancy displays, no exclusive light galleries: just A PLACE LIKE HOME, a place to sit down and have a chat about bikes accompanied by the necessary beers, of course!

One of the bikes every committed gravel-fan was very curious about was the all new carbon adventure bike: the Kona Libre. Kona has shown top notch carbon bikes in their mountainbike and cx line more then once and the Libre is no exception on this. What a stunner!

(damn: the new process and operator look sick)

Kona 30th topcap on the new Sutra. (photo: Tom J)

Kona 30th topcap on the new Sutra. (photo: Tom J)

We will tell you more about The Libre in a full review on our Chaingang page. This is not just another bike to fill the range and be in the market of high end hipster gravel-sleds. This is the steady result of being in the bike industrie for 30 years.


Libre downtube shot (photo: Tom J)

Libre downtube shot (photo: Tom J)

The new bikes will be available for pre-order in our webshop from next week on. You can already check them out in the shop, of course!


2019 Kona Rove ST, standard on 650B's. (photo: Tom J)

2019 Kona Rove ST, standard on 650B's. (photo: Tom J)

Spring is here. Get a grip!

We are publishing our very first month-promo-brochure ever. This first time we have chosen to offer you unique deals to get your road-bike in top shape for the upcoming season.

Also we are helping a hand to make your GT purchase a little more 'wallet-friendly'.



For the GT bikes we offer 10% to 20% discount on stock bikes. If we don't have the right size or bike in stock for you we still offer a better price then the regular SRP, and you get your bike within a few days.

We got some very nice rigid forks to turn that Zaskar into a beach racer too: come and check it out.

To get a grip on the road and your bike we are offering some very complete packages.

From the perfectly performing GP tire over the fast GP 4000 SII, to the comfortable and bombproof 4-season. Conti all the way!

Combined with a solid Fabric bartape and Belgian Velda cables we make sure your baby will perform at its best again.

As a topping we offer gear- and brake-finetuning for only 9,95.


Our smart-ass pack even gives you the opportunity to change all your drive-train components for a reasonable price WITHOUT PAYING EXTRA FOR MOUNTING. 


Get your bike in shape with quality parts and let us take care of your baby to make sure you enjoy every ride! FREEDOM OF CYCLING.

The new shop

The beginning of 2017 has been quite a ride. Busy days in 'the old shop' while in the meantime we have to get our new place ready for the upcoming season. Too few hours on the bike, not enough vegetables on the plate and a stress overload, but it will be worth it, i'm sure!


Creating a new working-invironment on the other hand has been a blast. Two hundred eighty square meters of nothing, where i can do whatever i want and however i want it, to create the bike store of my dreams. (Apart from those fucking Euros) Having no boundaries other than the walls and the ceiling of our new home feels amazing. Can't wait to share it with you guys and girls!



More info about the new shop is coming your way very soon. Thanks a lot for your patience and your daily support. Without you we couldn't do this.